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The Terms and Conditions are in place to protect L Driver Media and The Client(s) interest. Every booking made with L Driver Media will follow these Terms and Conditions presented and The Client(s) shall not and cannot change these Terms and Conditions, unless under certain circumstances which will have to be openly discussed and agreed, in writing, by L Driver Media.The Client(s) have to be at least 18-years-old to successfully make a booking with L Driver Media. Any booking form sent by anyone younger will be automatically rejected. L Driver Media reserves the right to accept or decline any booking. Once L. Driver Media receives The Client(s) booking form and The Client(s) has paid their £200 deposit, this means their Wedding date is secured and The Client(s) has confirmed they have read, understood and accepted all aspects of the Terms and Conditions.



‘L Driver Media' is defined as the person(s) providing any work on the Service; e.g., videographer, editor etc.

‘The Client(s)’ are defined as the names on the booking form under the titles, Bride and/or Groom.

‘Service’ is defined as The Client(s) booking of L Driver Media to provide Videography and Editing Services for a fee.

‘Fee’ is defined as the Fee for completion of the Service provided by L Driver Media.

‘Copyright’ is defined as the ownership of the rights of the Final Product.

‘Final Product’ is defined as the video images captured and edited by L Driver Media to the standard of quality and presentation agreed on with The Client(s) for the Service provided by L Driver Media.

‘Final Copies’ is defined as the hard copies (USB Hard Drive) and online version(s) provided to The Client(s) of the Final Product.



The price of the packages is determined by what is advertised on L Driver Media’s website on the date The Client(s) booking. Any additional orders that weren’t mentioned on the original booking form will be charged to the current prices at that time.

The Client(s) £200 deposit will confirm their booking. The deposit will be subtracted from the final balance of the package The Client(s) have chosen. The deadline for The Client(s) remaining balance is 2 months before the Service. The Client(s) must meet this deadline, failing to do so will result in a cancellation of the Service. L Driver Media can adjust to help fit The Client(s) needs if they can’t meet the deadline and want to postpone their remaining payment to a future date. In such circumstances, The Client(s) must inform L Driver Media prior the deadline and have written consent from L Driver Media to allow this arrangement.  


In the event The Client(s) choses to postpone or reschedule their Wedding date, L. Driver Media will strive to comply with The Client(s), within reason, to reschedule their Service to another date. However, if L. Driver Media is unavailable for the rescheduled date of the Service or The Client(s) cancels the Service, Fee’s will be immediately enforced; the Fee's varies depending on the time of cancellation or postponement.

More than 6 months before the Service – The deposit of £200.

Less than 6 months before the Service – 50% of the booked package

Less than 3 months before the Service – Full price of the booked package.



The Client(s) shall give L. Driver Media full artistic licence and creative control to all videography performed during the Service, as well as editorial styles and techniques in the post-production stages. All of these creative decisions made by L Driver Media shall be considered correct by The Client(s).

If The Client(s) have any special requests for the Service, they must put them down on the booking form and/or bring them up in their meeting with L Driver Media before the Wedding date. L Driver Media will strive to comply with The Client(s) requests, but these requests aren’t binding instructions.

The Client(s) must be aware and take into consideration there may be imposed restrictions out of L Driver Media’s control if the Service involves a church, registry office or any other venues, etc. This can come down to the official in charge of that ceremony putting L Driver Media in a position with restricted movement and/or an obstructed view. In such a case, L Driver Media shall not be held responsible for any potential scenes missed in the Final Product. 

L Driver Media will strive to capture all important scenes and person’s attending the Wedding, which will be discussed in the meetings with The Client(s). However, if in the event L. Driver Media doesn’t capture video recordings of a particular scene or persons, L Driver Media shall not be held responsible.

If The Client(s) add Drone Videography to their selected Wedding Video Package, and by accepting these Terms and Conditions, The Client(s) are announcing they are aware that use of the Drone is predicated on weather conditions and CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). If L Driver Media isn't able to use the Drone for the Service, The Client(s) will be refunded on the cost of the Drone Service. 



After the Wedding date, the Service goes from Production to Post Production. L Driver Media’s turnaround time for delivery is 4-to-6 weeks after the Wedding date. This is when The Client(s) will receive their approval version of their Video(s).

The Client(s) are offered 3 drafts without any additional charges. This gives The Client(s) an opportunity to give L Driver Media any feedback and/or changes they want made to their Video(s). L Driver Media will endeavour to comply with The Client(s) amends within reason. If The Client(s) exceed the 3 drafts, The Client(s) will be charged with additional editing Fees; £50 per editing draft.

The Client(s) have 3 months to approve their Video(s) after receiving their earliest approval version(s). If the Client(s) fail to give their approval before 3 months, Final Copies of the latest version(s) of their Video(s) will be delivered to The Client(s). L Driver Media can supply an extension to The Client(s) at its own discretion.

L Driver Media will strive to deliver The Client(s) approval versions and Final Copies on the agreed time However, no matter the circumstances, The Client(s) must not hold L Driver Media responsible for any lost deliveries of The Client(s) Final Copies, even if this breaches past time the agreed delivery time. Final Product shall not be rejected based on artistic style and creative choices made by L. Driver Media. 




All video and audio files captured and/or used for the Service will remain property of L. Driver Media. This means The Client(s) gives L. Driver Media permission to use all coverage of the day for any type business promotion. Once The Client(s) have approved their Video(s) and have successfully received their Final Copies, The Client(s) will be entitled the ownership and copyrights to the Final Product of their Video(s). The Client(s)


L Driver Media and The Client(s) shall agree that any information discussed and gained about the Service will remain confidential and private.


The Client(s) shall not be hold L Driver Media responsible for being unable to perform its obliged duties if such circumstances are outside reasonable control; e.g. weather, grounds of safety, injury, serious illness, flooding, victim of a crime or accident, acts of civil and government authorities, or unforeseen equipment failure etc. If any of these reasons prevent L Driver Media from attending or filming the Service, L Driver Media will give The Client(s) a full refund. L Driver Media shall not be held accountable for any personal injuries and/or accidents during the Service.

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